2 - Monday 09 September

08:15 - Departure from Kotka, Sokoshotel Seurahuone, to Hamina, City Hall
            Note: Bus has to pick up two participants from Taatonkatu 3 B 13, 48700 Kotka on the way to Hamina
08:45 - Arrival to Hamina, City Hall
09:00-09:20    Official Start of the Mission to Kymenlaakso - St. Petersburg
09:00-09:05        Mr. Harri Helminen (Chairman of the Board, Regional Council of Kymenlaakso)
09:05-09:10        Mr. Juha Haapaniemi (Region Mayor, Regional Council of Kymenlaakso)
09:10-09:15        Mr. Hannu Muhonen (Mayor, City of Hamina)
09:15-09:20        Mrs. Marisa Toste (Board Member, SDEA)
09:25-12:00        Conference "Kymenlaakso the Key to enter Nordic and Russian Markets"
09:25-09:40        Program & Outlining the dynamics of Internationalization of Kymenlaakso  (Mr. Toni Vanhala, Head International Affairs, Regional Council of Kymenlaakso)
09:40-10:35        Business Enablers
09:40-09:55            . Cursor as business enabler in Kotka-Hamina Region (Mrs. Mia Hämäläinen, Director, Cursor)
09:55-10:10            . Introduction to Kouvola region (Mr. Asko Pesonen, CEO, Kouvola Innovation)
10:10-10:25            . Port of HaminaKotka Ltd (Mr. Tommi Sievers, Sales and Marketing Manager)
10:25-10:30            . Q&A
10:30-12:00        Practical Aspects
10:30-10:50            . Practical procedures to register products/firms who aim to export to Russia (Mr. Vitali Nesnezhinsky, CEO, CWS Finland)
10:50-11:00            . Q&A
11:00-11:20            . Practical juridical aspects of establishing a firm in Kymenlaakso (Mr. Raimo Kantola, Lawyer )
11:20-11:35            . Q&A
11:35-12:00        Facts & Fallacies on Internationalization (Mr. Marco Abrunhosa, Councilor at KIIC)
                          Closing the morning session of the conference
Conference Moderator: Mrs. Pia Hurtta 
12:00-13:45  Lunch at Varuskuntakerho, Kadettikoulunkatu 3, 49400 Hamina
                    5 minutes walk from Raatihuone                        
13:50           Departure from Varuskuntakerho, bus is waiting right outside
14:30            The companies participants in the Mission will make a presentation at Höyrypanimo, Metsontie 41, 48220 Kotka
14:30-14:35    . SDEA
14:35-14:40    . CCIA
14:40-14:45    . Fonte Resort
14:45-14:50    . AngraSol
14:50-14:55    . Banco Espírito Santo Açores
14:55-15:10    . Mr. Carlos Silva
15:10-15:15    . Cofaco
15:15-15:20    . Companhia dos Açores
15:20-15:25    . Empresa Ideal de Panificação Terceirense
15:25-15:30    . Estufaçor
15:30-15:35    . GLOBALEDA

15:35-15:40    . Compensation Time (in case some presentation exceed the time allocated)

15:45-15:50    . LactAçores
15:50-15:55    . Lurdes Narciso
15:55-16:00    . PSI Engine
16:00-16:05    . RBV.ARQ
16:05-16:10    . Santa Catarina
16:10-16:15    . SICOSTA
16:15    Start the bilateral meetings. Companies will be informed through the website or individually. At the moment EDAPCO, Harman Marketing, Helmivisio and Sea Element manifested interest in having meeting with companies from Portugal, mainland and Azores. Companies from Kymenlaakso willing to have bilateral meetings can approach the KIIC to book meetings. 

Finnvera plc, Venture Capital, Eteläesplanadi 8, Helsinki

 16:15-17:25    Meeting with Mr. Markus Laakkonen and BES Açores and GLOBALEDA

13:40    Take the bus at Hamina bus station

15:55    Arriving to Helsinki bus station, Kamppi

17:45    Take the bus at Helsinki bus station, Kamppi

19:50    Arriving to Kotka bus station

Please, use the taxi to get to and from the bus station and to and from Finnvera                  

17:15    Departure from Höyrypanimo to Sokoshotel Seurahuone
            Note 1: bus is waiting outside Höyrypanimo in the parking area
            Note 2: those who did not conclude the meetings,  please, kindle will ask the company with whom they are having the meeting to take them to Sokoshotel Seurahuone. Those can pay a taxi to take them to Sokoshotel Seurahuone
19:15    Departure from Hotel Sokos Seurahuone to dinner venue
19:30    Dinner at restaurant Meriniemi, Meriniementie, 48100 KOTKA
22:00    Return by bus to Sokoshotel Seurahuone
Note 3: The Education Group will have a different program organized by EKAMI
Note 4: Media interaction both in morning and afternoon.