4 - Wednesday 11 September

06:55 - Check out of Cumulus Hotel (Kouvola)
07:28-10:48 - Allegro Kouvola-Saint Petersburg (Finnish Station)
The lunch will take place in two major groups: The FOOD Group and the rest of participants. The Food Group will have lunch in Trade House Land. The remaining participants will have lunch nearby Suomi Talo (Finland House) at Restaurant Arka at 12.00 in the Konyshennaja street.

Food Group

ProAgria has got a plan regarding the day that includes visits to Russian supermarkets (Trade House Land, Prisma, O´Kei and Globus Gourmet)  with meetings with high responsible persons. Mrs. Marisa Toste, board member of SDEA will accompany this group. A member of CCIA will accompany this group as well.


Contact person is Mrs. Carita Vastinesluoma from ProAgria can be reached through  (+358.453.136.153) or carita@fennoconsulting.fi.
Mrs. Marisa Toste board member of SDEA, can be reached through (+351.919.384.203) or mtoste@investinazores.com. Mrs. Marisa Toste will be connection person during Wednesday between the Azores participants and Mrs. Carita Vastinesluoma.


Education Group

EKAMI has got a plan regarding the day that includes  meetings with high responsible persons.

Remaining Groups

13:30    Suomi Talo Bolshaya Konjshennaya 8, 191186 Saint Petersburg 

            II Meeting of CP-PSW-NRW (Cooperation Platform between Portuguese Speaking World and Nordic Russian World)

13:35    Mrs. Mia Hämäläinen, CURSOR´s director. 2013 Cursor is the Chairman of CP-PSW-NRW            

13.40    Mr. Toni Vanhala, Head of International Affairs at Kymenlaakson Liitto. New Member of CP-PSW-NRW

13:45    Mr. Igor Rozhdestvenskiy, CEO of INGRIA. New Member of CP-PSW-NRW

13:55    Mr. Sergey Balanev, General Manager of Foundation for SME in Saint Petersburg. New Member of CP-PSW-NRW

14:00    Mrs. Lara Martinho, SDEA´s Board Member in representation of Regional Government of Azores which is member of CP-PSW-NRW

14:20    Mr. Marco Abrunhosa, KIIC´s Vision Implementer

14:25    Mr. Osório Silva, Chief of Staff of Mayor of Praia da Victória which is member of CP-PSW-NRW. SKYPE

14:30    Mr. Jorge Santos, President of NERLEI which is member of CP-PSW-NRW. SKYPE


14:35       Signature and welcoming of new members INGRIA, Foundation for SME in Saint Petersburg and Kymenlaakso Liitto

14:45        Nomination of Kymenlaakso Liitto as the Chairman entity of CP-PSW-NRW                 for the period of 01.01.2014 until 31.12.2014

15:00       Official Picture & Coffee Break!

15:30-18:00    Bilateral meetings in Suomi Talo (or other place) between companies of Mission and entities suggested by INGRIA and Foundation for SME in Saint Petersburg! SDEA, CCIA INGRIA and Foundation for SME in Saint Petersburg will have a meeting.

Note 1: Contact person in INGRIA is Mrs. Evgeniya Barchenko

Note 2: Contact person in Foundation for SME in Saint Petersburg is Mr. Maxim Balanev and Mr. Sergey Balanev.



Corporation Pantikapei, Mr. Yakovenko Dmitry (President)


14:00-15:00 Meeting with Finance Group. The bank will collect the persons from Suomi Talo at 13:00. The Architecture Group will be present in this meeting.

Meeting will be about institutional presentation in bank terms. The Architecture Group will be present to get insights on trends of Real Estate in Saint Petersburg.

Mr Igor Shapovalov will be the translator.

Mrs. Irina Niskanen is handling this process.

Check in    Different hours, depending on the schedule of the participant, for check in at Hotel Pribaltiyskaya 14 Korablestroiteley Street - Vasilyevsky Island - 199226 St. Petersburg
19:30 Dinner in the  Tony´s Kitchen at 19.30, Malyi prospect 88