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Kymenlaakson Liitto

The Regional Council of Kymenlaakso is a federation of seven municipalities, promoting the interests of Kymenlaakso region.  The main tasks are regional development, spatial and environmental planning and promoting regional interests. Regional Development is mainly carried out by EU and state funded projects, administered by the Regional Council.

 The Kymenlaakso region (the River Kymi Valley) is located in South-Eastern Finland next to Russian border and by the Gulf of Finland between two growing centers Helsinki and St Petersburg.

Our main logistical strengths are renewable highway E18 which is bringing the region even closer to Helsinki and St Petersburg metropolitan areas. Kymenlaakso also has a great accessibility by the sea via largest cargo port of Finland, Port of HaminaKotka. Logistics chain continues

by railway to Kouvola and all the way to Caucasian Vladivostok.

High speed train “Allegro” takes just 2 hours 20 minutes from Kouvola to Saint Petersburg.  Vaalimaa Border Crossing point to Russia, on the eastern border of EU is located on the region having over 3 million border crossings yearly.


Kymenlaakso offers a stable business environment in the North-East Part of the European Union with an easy access to Russian markets. The Regional Council of Kymenlaakso encourages Finnish companies to enlarge their business in the Portuguese speaking world and welcomes Azorean companies and stakeholders to operate in Kymenlaakso region!

Mr. Juha Haapaniemi is the Region Mayor of Kymenlaakso.                                

Mobile: +358 503.683.931                                                    

Mr. Toni Vanhala is the Head of International Affairs of the Region of Kymenlaakso.
Mobile: +358 405.123.356
Cursor Oy, Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company assists in locating, establishing and developing companies in the Kotka-Hamina region. Cursor provides services for companies planning to locate to Kotka-Hamina region.

Together with its partner networks Cursor assists in establishing and developing business operations, organising financing solutions, education and training. The Kotka-Hamina region also possesses top-ranking expertise in Russian business – Cursor Oy has more than 10 years of experience in export projects and consulting services. Cursor’s Russia specialists master the language, corporate culture, legislation and market trends.

Additional information about Cursor can be founded here:


Mr. Markku Merovuo, Director, for additional information, please, click here:

Mr. Mikko Kähärä, Project Manager, for additional information, please, click here:

Mr. Toomas Lybeck, Program Manager, for additional information, please, click here:


ProAgria is the leading agricultural expert organisation in Finland, serving members as well as other rural entrepreneurs. Proagria has got a unique expertise in helping Finnish companies to enter the Russian market. Rural Advisory Centre of Kymenlaakso offers service solutions, which are tailored to specific customer needs, providing a way to attain objectives and goals. ProAgria’s objective is to help the customer to develop business profitability and competitiveness sustainably. ProAgria professionals come with a wide range of expertise, and offer a broad selection of individualized services. ProAgria operates as a partner of its clients and 70 % of our sales comes from the services to our customers. Development of leadership and competitiveness as well as quality, quality of activities and environmental aspects are taken into consideration in each service. ProAgria can guide foodstuff companies producer willing to export to Russia through Kymenlaakso, meaning that are established in Kymenlaakso. More information, please, visit:
Mrs. Tuula Repo works for Rural Advisory Centre of Kymenlaakso as a Development Director. Clients are mainly companies which produce foodstuff, small scale as well as bigger companies. During the last years, Mrs. Tuula Repo had worked with companies all over in Finland concerning Russian export. Mrs. Tuula RepoI graduated from Helsinki University, M.Sc.of Food Sciences: Economy, Marketing, Food technology and Chemistry, Dairy technology, etc. Mrs. Tuula Repo guides companies concerning marketing research, investments, financing, developing projects, marketing, legislation, environmental issues, quality control systems etc.
Straightway is a logistics companies and ports marketing network of over 50 companies. Straightway covers services such as a) all transport services: road, rail, sea and air, b) warehousing, forwarding and value-added services and c) Advice about starting up a business and settling into the area. Straightway  aim is to network customers in need of a reliable logistic partner. More information, please, visit:
CENTOS Central Logistics
CENTOS Central Logistics is an international Logistics group operating all over the globe by own offices and via world-covering network of our Partners.  More information, please, visit:

Mr. Tommi Laaksonen is the Vice-Chairman of Straightway and the CEO of CENTOS.



Etelä-Kymenlaakso Vocational College (Ekami) is multi-disciplinary education institution with over 6,000 students. The College organises vocational basic education and training for 2,380 students in Kotka and Hamina, on the south-eastern coast of Finland. Vocational adult education and apprenticeship training are both flexibly organised to meet the needs of the working life. The College has approx. 4,300 students participating in adult education and apprenticeship training, and 1,300 of them are engaged in studies leading to diploma. Ekami’s “Coastal Workshops” annually organise workshop activities for over 200 young people in Kotka, Hamina, Pyhtää, Miehikkälä, and Virolahti. More information, please, visit:

Mr. Paavo Ahosola is  Training Manager with speacil skills on Finance and Languages.

Helmivisio Oy

Helmivisio develops and maintains an IP-based Wahti Surveillance System (WSS) for the need of SMEs and consumers. We provide this re-brandable solution to our partners to be sold as an add-on service. The service includes IP-cameras with remote recording and wireless sensors (motion, temperature, siren etc.) with SMS and email alarms. The service is easy to install by an end-customer and it can be used with a computer or a mobile phone. Helmivisio is the leading surveillance service provider to Finnish telecoms and we also have many partners in security field.

More information, please, visit:

Mr. Tuomas Muurikainen is a serial entrepreneur from Kotka, Finland, and currently working at Helmivisio as a CEO and founder. I have graduated as Master of Economic Science at Lappeenranta University of Technology. He is very interested in working with international business.

More information, please, visit: and/or



Leet International

Leet International engages in a variety of sports and other events, as well as related services, products and tools for the design, concept development, production and sales. Leet International's line of business is in addition to the franchise and in-licensing, event marketing, advertising and communications activities, as well as other forms of promotional activity and the associated design, training, marketing and consulting business. Leet International operates television and other media, software and content production industry, as well as sports and advertising sectors related to the company, as well as engage in these sectors of products and services for the production, consulting and other professional services. Leet International may purchase, sell, lease and hold real property, stocks, shares and other securities and intellectual property rights in and to invest. More information, please, visit: and

Mr. Keni Simola is the the CEO of Leet International. More information, please, visit:


EdapCO Ltd, a Finnish company founded in 1995 and is specialized in ICT solutions for mobile and energy conservation. Mobile applications operating in almost all mobile phones (J2ME, Android, Windows Phone, Apple), covering global 80-90% of your potential customers. Solutions on adding sales, enhance customer feedback collection, strengthens your loyalty to your business and your customers your products, and increase the productivity. EdapCO has innovative solutions for tourists to increase consumption.  More information, please, visit:
Mr. Tapani Ranta is the CEO of EdapCO. More information, please, visit:

KIIC Kymenlaakso Internationalizations Initiatives Council, powered by cursor

KIIC, powered by cursor is concept aiming to complement Internationalization Initiatives bridging concepts, regions, businesses and funding where Kymenlaakso has got a role to play. More information, please, visit:
Mr. MARCO Paulo ABRUNHOSA Cardoso is one of the council members of KIIC, powered by cursor. More information, please, visit:
Pescarade, Ldª is a Portuguese company which has got two large factory boats operating in the south hemisphere. The fish captured is among the following species:
Yorkshire Oxyrhynchus
Prionace gray
TUNA spp
Istiophorus whitish
LITTLE JAR dumerili
Acanthocybium solandri
Katsuwonus pelamis
Mr. André Teixeira, the son, is on the board of the company. Mrs. Marta Apolónia is the lawyer of the company.
Mr. Rui Bexiga Vale, the CEO, has more than 20 years of experience in a very wide array of projects, either as Project Manager, Coordinator or Project Director, ranging from housing to hotels, logistic parks to airports, urban masterplanning and health centres, in multicultural and multinational contexts (Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Brazil, Peru and also in Portugal and Europe, by means of his association with, with members in Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Ireland and UK). More information, please, visit:
NGNS-IS, Ldª is a Portuguese with premium solutions related with FFF Forest Fire Fighting.  More information, please, visit:
Mr. João Matos is the CEO of several companies including NGNS-ISMore information, please, visit:
JLM, Consultores, SA is consulting firm that assist clients including in finance sourcing. More information, please, visit:
Mr. Jaime Guerra is PhD and CEO of JLM. More information, please, visit:
Brightfloasts it is one of concepts that Mr. Vasco Monteiro is developing. This concept could be enriched in tourism terms if could be develop a framework of cooperation between Azores and Nordic/Russia. 
Mr. Vasco Monteiro is Mechanical Engineer with 53 years old.

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