05-09.November.2012 FAQ

FAQ - Frequent Asked Question
0) Is this the last version?
No, we will continuously update the website.
1.1. How much does it cost?
The cost break down is more or less like this:
. The price of flight ticket is around 600€ (if you had bought before, you would be saving at least 100€).
. The price of the hotel it is around 50€/per person/per night, equals 150€.
. In four days there are 8 meals. At the moment you are expected to pay at least 4 meals. 10€ per meal equals 40€.
. The indicative total cost is: 600€ + 150 + 40€ = 790€
1.2. To whom should you pay?
You pay to your service provider.
We suggest that regarding Flights and Hotel you, please, visit this page and decide.
You and only you is responsible for the decision of participating in the Mission.
1.3. Who is organizing?
This is a INITIATIVE of KIIC Kymenlaakso Internationalization Initiatives, powered by cursor / Cursor / Kymenlaakson Liitto.
The Regional Government of Azores / APIA are the counter parties.
On the process of making it happen other entities had been joining the efforts.
2. Is Ely-kuskus, FINPRO, Ministry for European Affairs and Foreign Trade or other entity covering part of such costs?
We do not think so. However, you can always ask, for example, Mr. Mikko kähärä (mikko.kahara@cursor.fi) in Cursor what are the rules and regulations for those entities to support internationalization.
3. Why should you participate in this Mission?
If you want to be part of the solution for the challenges of Kymenlaakso you are welcome to the Mission because you are a person that complies with at least one of the following criteria:
:: You have viable business investment projects and you really WANT them FUND€D!
:: You have a clear understanding of how to promote exports to Nordic and Russian markets and you are willing to $HAR€ that knowledge!
:: You have some sort of export competencies and you want to capture market $HAR€!
4. What is expected to be achieved with this Mission?
Clearly the outcomes are:
:: More Exports to Russia and Nordic markets throught Finland! The aiming number should be 10.000.000€ in 2013!
:: Kymenlaakso SMEs be funded by Azores available funds! The aiming number should be 20.000.000€ in 2013!
:: Cooperation Agreement(s) established between the two regions: Azores & Kymenlaakso! 
5. This was never made before. Will it pay off?
It seems that what we had being doing before had not being paying off, otherwise we would have not a unemployment rate of 17%.
Remember Mr. Albert Einstein "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
6. What is the Time Difference between Finland and Azores?
Three hours. When there is 11:00 AM (morning) in Finland there is 08:00 AM (morning in Azores).