Why Azores?

The Mission to Azores has got four enticing magnets:

1) Azores has the possibility to support investments in Azores until 31.12.2013 to almost 970.000.000€.
1.2.) The amounts available are combination of Grants and Soft Loan (meaning loans without interest for 10 years)
1.3.) Depending on the profile of the investment, the investors can get between 35% and 75% of the value of the investment without VAT
1.4.) So ALL the Kymenlaakso SMEs that want to conquer international market share and to do so need:
        (1) to make investment abroad and/or
        (2) to protect IPR,
        (3) to get fund without losing ownership
Azores is at the moment one of the best places in world to go! In case of any doubt about it and7or additional information, please, check by yourself in the Invest in Azores Agency or through the board member Mrs. Lígia Aguiar (laguiar@investinazores.com)
So if you are a businessman (entrepreneur) that is seriously looking for additional funds to capture international market share make sure you join the Mission! Get Funded!
2) Azores has got several important exporters that in their export portfolio Russia and Nordic Countries are missing
2.1.) Those exporters are interested to know how is it to use Kymenlaakso as the entry gate for those more than 2,8 Trillion USD GDP
2.2.) To get specifics of the exporters from Azores, please, email to marco.abrunhosa@kymenlaaksoiicouncil.org
So if you are a businessman (entrepreneur) that has serious possibilities of selling Azores products/services in Russia and/or Nordic Countries make sure you join the Mission! Enlarge your offering to your Russian and Nordic clients!
3) There are solutions we take for granted here in Kymenlaakso. However, those solutions have great value other parts of the world. They are a serious business opportunity for capturing international market share. Azores has relevant and credible partners to implement those solutions. Examples of such solutions that exist in Kymenlaakso and could excel in Azores are:
:: Energy Efficiency
:: Security
:: Gaming Industry
:: Vocational Training
:: "Kotka Opisto" Type
:: Logistics
:: ICT
:: ... 
So if you are a businessman (entrepreneur) or an intrapreneur with solutions applicable in Azores make sure you join the Mission! Enlarge your cash flow stream by making your solutions available in Azores! 
4) Are travelling to Azores with the purpose presenting in projects both in Azores and Kymenlaakso integrated in a strategy of entering the Russian a Nordic Markets  businessmen from the Continent of Portugal.