Ceremony of offering the Books and Audio Books in Portuguese Language


Date: 24.November.2014


Hour: 15:00-16:10 (Finnish Time); 13:00-14:10 (Portuguese Time)


Place: Kotka Public Library Kirkkokatu 24, PL 204, 48101 Kotka, Finland


Chairwoman: Mrs. Katariina Kupiainen (Library of Kotka)



14:55-15:00 – Arriving and seating


15:00-15:05 – Welcome words by Mrs. Terhi Lindholm (City of Kotka)


15:05-15:15 – CP-PSW-NRW by Mr. Toni Vanhala (Kymenlaakson Liitto)


15:15-15:30 – Video Conference with Portugal, from the Headquarters of CTT (address below)
                            Message from the sponsors

                            CTT – Portuguese Post, Mr. Manuel Castelo-Branco (Board Member)

                            Padrões Culturais Editora – Publisher, Mr. Carlos Garcia and Mrs. Cláudia Freches
                                                                                                      (CEO and board member)
                            (CTT -  Av. D. João II LT 1.12.03; 1999-001 LISBON; Portugal)


15:30-15:35 – Thanking words by the Chairwoman

15:35-15:45 – Portuguese Language, the Brazilian perspective by Mrs. Roosa Mikkola

15:45-15:55 – Portuguese Experience, by Mr. Paavo Ahosola (Ekami)
15:55-16:05 - Perspective of Cultural Center Brazil - Finland (Brazil Embassy in Finland),
                            by Mr. Diego Barros

16:05-16:10 – Concluding words by the Chairwoman


16:10-16:40 – Tea, coffee, cakes and relational capital (more than networking)

  Group picture with some of the presents.

  Kymen Sanomat was present as well and shared the news.