2012-2018: Name was CP-PSW-NRW.
2018-Present: Name is PSW-NC-R (Cooperation Platform between Portuguese Speaking World, Nordic Countries and Russia).

CP-PSW-NRW means Cooperation Platform between Portuguese Speaking World and Nordic-Russian Worlds.

Where "World" is far richer than "Country". It tries to capture da cultural dimension. An example, an Australian can belong to Russian World even if she/he lives in Chile.

CP-PSW-NRW was signed in the 7th of November of 2012 in Cidade Praia da Vitória, Azores, Portugal, European Union.

The entities that signed were (in alphabetical order):


 Who Signed


Câmara de Comércio de Angra do Heroísmo (Azores)

Mr. Rodrigo José Soares Menezes Àvila,

Board Member


Cidade Praia da Vitória (Azores)


 Mr. Paulo Manuel Àvila Messias,

Board Member


Cursor (Finland)

 Mr. Markku Kullervo Merovuo,



NERLEI (Portugal)

 Mr. Jorge Manuel Cordeiro Santos,



Regional Government of Azores (Azores)

 Mr. Sérgio Humberto Rocha Àvila,

Regional Secretary of State

The CEO/Chairman of CP-PSW-NRW until 31th of December 2013 is Mr. Hannu Karavirta, the Cursor Oy´s CEO.

The new members that joined CP-PSW-NRW on the 4th of September of 2013, in Saint Petersburg are INGRIA, Foundation for SME in Saint Petersburg and Kymenlaakson Liitto.
The CEO/Chairman of CP-PSW-NRW until 31th of December 2014 are Mr. Juha Haapaniemi and Mr. Toni Vanhala is which are respectively, the Region Mayor of Kymenlaakso and the Head of International Affairs at Regional Council of Kymenlaakso.

Mr. Juha Haapaniemi             Mr. Toni Vanhala

The CEO/Chairman of CP-PSW-NRW until 31th of December 2016 is Mr. Roberto Monteiro the Mayor of City Praia da Vitória.
Mr. Roberto Monteiro

The new members that joined CP-PSW-NRW during 2016 are AIIE Associação Internacionalização e Inteligência Económica from Portugal and  ARCHumankind from Belgium.

The CEO/Chairman of CP-PSW-NRW from 1st of January 2017 is Mr. Paulo Casaca leader of Less Means More. Mr. Paulo Casaca was a Member of the European Parliament, University Professor.

The articles regulating the spirit of CP-PSW-NRW are in the files below.


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