Council Members

Changes on the way will be reflected in the content of this page.

KIIC is an adhocracy in the purest sense of Henry Mintzberg.
The Chairman is Mr. Juha Haapaniemi
The Vice-Chairman is Mr. Toni Vanhala
The Visionary Implementer is Mr. Marco Abrunhosa
Additional Council Members are:
Mr. Antti Perttu 
Mrs. Lourdes Pastoriza
Mrs. Mia Hämäläinen
In this phase we are opened to receive manifestations of interest to be a Council Member which is a pro bono activity.
We are thinking the feactures of Council would be the around the following ones:
:: Number:    . up to 20 members
:: Profile:      . 50% femeales and 50% males
                    . 50% persons currently living in Kymenlaakso but had already some experience in living out of Finland and 50% persons currently living not in Finland but had been living in Finland before
                    . To be able to communicate in at least two languages and one of them is English
                    . She/He has a track record as teamneurs
:: Exclusions:
                    . Persons with some form of difficulty in reply to emails, voice mail messages, in show up in meetings, in accepting differences, in accepting and enriching ideas, for example. Well persons that might manifest light signs of Adult Hyperactivity Deficit Attention Disorder. Due to the creativity nature of the Council, such persons would feel totally out of their comfort zone.
Please, send to you us an email to
Meetings take place in Kymenlaakso Liitto unless explicitly is informed other place!