KIIC Kymenlaakso Internationalization Initiatives Council was powered by cursor in 2012.
In 2013 started to be powered by Kymenlaakso Liitto.
It is a concept with the following vision (methodology of vision is Collins-Porras model)
. Believes and principles ("inputs")
 :: Finland is located in the center of a more than 2,8 Trillion USD GDP (2010) and unfortunately very few persons in world are aware of this fact
 :: The heart of that center is Kymenlaakso bordering the 1,4 Trillion USD GDP of Russia and inside the 1,4 Trillion USD GDP of Nordic Countries slides 10 and 20
 :: More than 60% of world trade is made BETWEEN companies of the same group
 :: Kymenlaakso HAS GOT the capabilities of attracting and nurturing SMEs from AROUND the world to benefit from this 2,8 Trillion USD GDP
 :: Kymenlaakso HAS GOT SMEs and organizations with competencies capable of conquering international market share
 . Purpose ("process")
The purpose (the process) is ONLY to be a platform/forum/think tank/roundtable where persons, (1) related with Kymenlaakso, (2) with international dimensions developed and (3) who are able to co-implement initiatives that can contribute for strengthen the relation between the Kymenlaakso and the world. Activities expressly excluded  are the ones related or similar with Gambling, Religion, Politics, Marketing Multilevel, Defense Industry and Adult Entertainment.
. Mission ("output")
2012 - Mission to Azores, 05-09 of November (one of the worst months to be in Azores in terms of climate for sun lovers)
2013 - Mission from Azores and other parts of PSW, September from 09th-12th
2014 - Under study for possible missions are from Portugal (NERLEI), to/from Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Basque Country (Spain), Colombia
2014 - Under study for possible mission, the realization of TEDxKymenlaakso, Equity-Teamneurship Conference
2014 - Under study for possible mission the development of a proper, reliable and in English database of SMEs of Kymenlaakso so SMEs from around world can contact them. Portugal has got a true European of such database that could be an inspiring model. It is called PME Líder
2014 - Under study for possible mission is the implementation of a Course in B-Learning inside the SMEs of Kymenlaakso to capture international market share through integration of international minds in Finland and Finnish and other persons that experienced Finland that live now abroad
2014 - Under study for possible mission is the stimulation of one of the cities of Kymenlaakso to be part of the Creative Cities Network under the UNESCO certification
2015 - Formal invitation of the State of Amazonas in Brazil to join the CP-PSW-NRW.
2016 - Increase the number of members of CP-PSW-NRW.
2017 - Preparations of CP-PSW-NRW´s event in Brussels.
2018 - Brussels event 25th-26th of January.
2019 - Internal reflections.
2020 - Observing covid-19 developments.
2021 - First actions on overcoming covid-19.
2022 - Observing the world.
An example of will to get Kymenlaakso international! Inspirational message from Mr. Jukka-Pekka Bergman PhD.

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